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This type of honey belongs to premium sort of honey, honey plant - angelica. It is considered to be one of the best. Its flowering period is short - only two weeks at the end of June in Western Siberia and Altai.

The main thing for which sophisticated honey lovers love it - for its richness, strong taste. When you taste it, you have a very clear & tangible feeling as it has a bit of caramel added and sometimes with a slight bitterness.

The shade of this honey is mainly in the red range, copper, brown tones. There are blotches of greenish color.

This honey has an undeniably delicate, unsharp & predominantly sweetish aroma.

The composition of this honey is rich in useful important biological substances. It has healing properties. The product is nutritious and pleasant to use.

Among the benefits of Angelica Siberian Forest honey:

      -    relieves fatigue

      -    improves blood flow and the exchange of useful foods

      -    powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-viral agent

      -    effective for the intestines and stomach

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