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Sunflower honey turns out to be bright yellow, like the sun on a hot summer afternoon. Its aroma can be compared to grass cuttings that have already dried up and become brittle to be rolled up into haystacks.

The taste of this honey is multifaceted. First, the sunflower seed is felt, then the soft fruity texture (like an apricot), and the aftertaste leaves a slight sourness in the mouth.

The sunflower has become a source of inspiration for many artists. Van Gogh, for example, painted 11 canvases depicting sunflowers. Oscar Wilde called him a symbol of his aesthetic movement, and Claude Monet became an amateur gardener. Maybe sunflower honey will push you to create your own masterpiece? :)

Among the benefits of sunflower honey:

-          provides the body with energy

-          strengthens bones and muscles

-          protects brain health

-          improves digestion

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