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Bashkir honey is considered the hallmark of the Republic of Bashkortostan. According to scientists, real Bashkir honey has no analogues in the world in terms of its taste and healing properties, as well as the composition of microelements. The value and uniqueness of Bashkir honey is due to the uniqueness of the very nature of Bashkortostan.

Bashkir honey is like a “small sun” in a jar. It has the same warm and pleasant color. In addition, it contains many vitamins: B, E, C, PP, provitamin A, biotin, potassium, ascorbic acid and amino acids.

It is thanks to its nutritional and beneficial properties that this sort of honey was included in the daily diet of astronauts at the Mir Orbital Station.

Bashkir honey gained first places and received awards and medals from major international exhibitions.

Among the benefits of Bashkir honey:

-          significantly strengthens the immune system, sterilizes and cleanses the body

-          strengthens memory

-          has antiseptic properties, relieves inflammation

-          is used for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

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